• SkyChuoTM

    Want a full-fledged university/college management information system covering activities from admission to graduation? You’ve got it!

  • Enterprise Solution

    With all university/college business operation in one pack, SkyChuo offers a seamless university/college managemnt hosted on cloud or on premise.


Seamless university/college management on the cloud

SkyChuoTM is a cloud service for managing universities and colleges. It is a bundle of software services and features along with added storage, hosting, and marketing of your university/college and programmes free for you.


What is in the Cart?

Online University Admission System

Fully fledged online admission system, Aspire UAS, which complies with TCU and NACTE requirements.

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Alumni Management System

Alumni Management System to keep your graduates connected between each other and with the university.

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Extended Student Academic Register

Aspire StAR, a complete system with all modules for managing students while at university or college. 

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Mobile App and Complementary Services

Complimentary hosting service with up to 150 GB storage, 1000 email accounts, 10 MySQL databases, and cPanel as well as mobile app.

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Where we Stand


Universities and Colleges


Students and Graduates




Active Staff

Fully Responsive Design

All our products are fully responsive that does not look good on desktop alone but also look stunning on mobile and tablet devices.

Want a cool and creative design that suits devices of all sizes?… then you got it.

Fully Responsive Design


SkyChuo Alpha

Colleges of up to 1000 students

All Software Features

60 GB File storage

100 e-mail accounts

3 additional MySQL databases


Free support

Free Marketing at www.studyea.org



SkyChuo Beta

For Medium Size Universities

Universities up to 3000 students

All Software Features

90 GB File storage

400 e-mail accounts

5 additional MySQL databases


Free support

Free Marketing at www.studyea.org



SkyChuo Gamma

Large Universities up to 10,000 students

All Software Features

150 GB File storage

1,000 e-mail accounts

10 additional MySQL databases


Free support

Free Marketing at www.studyea.org


What we will do

We set up cloud services for you and we will take regular back up on monthly basis of all your applications. Only two previous backups are kept. You can opt to take back up on your own through your cPanel. We will also give free support during regular working hours; SLA applies. In case of need for data migration we do it as a paid service.

Note: you can decide to have all the services set at your servers, but you won’t be able to get backup services from us.

What you will do

You will configure the applications to suit your demands. Training will be offered at your convenience and expenses. You will also be required to manage all solution features at your end. Everything is just click away!


Training is offered free of charge for up to 3 days. The client is responsible for organizing the training venue and the required logistics including travel arrangement for two facilitators if training is organized outside Zanzibar Town.


Customization is available on demand. The cost depends on the extent of which customization is needed. No customization will be made that may risk further software updates.


All products and services are offered under the Software Licensing Agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a setup fee?

There are no set up fees for any module which is part of SkyChuoTM package. We do every thing in our server and remotely in your server. Shall you need our expert to physically visit your office, then you will only finance their travel and stay.

Can I have life time license?

If you do not wish to purchase our annual subscription it is possible to have lifetime license. You will need to purchase license for individual systems and modules. Please check the license prices for the individual systems and modules. When opting for a lifetime license, you also will need to purchase a support plan if you wish to receive support from us.

Can I switch from annual subscription to life time license?

You can do that at any time you want. However, you will be billed for a lifetime license at the time you decide to take that licensing. You can also switch from lifetime license to annual subscription. In this case we will assess the status of the application before putting into our servers. In each case, we will charge for the transfer services.

Is training part of the package?

Yes it is, and it is free. Our clients are required to facilitate venue and training environment. If training is outside Zanzibar Town, you will be required to finance the trainers' travel and stay. All training materials are available online for use at any time.

Can I host it in my own server?

Absolutely yes. However, you won't be able to enjoy some of the services offered in the package such as regular backups and free hosting space. In this case, your IT administrators have to make sure that they regularly do the back up, as well as making sure that your servers are running the latest PHP and MySQL as used in SkyChuoTM.

Can I do customization to better suit my organizational needs?

All software application in SkyChuoTM package have been developed using open source technologies and you can do whatever the changes you want. However, you cannot redistribute through profit or non-profit means. Also, when doing customization, you need to consult our experts to make sure that the changes you are making to the software code will not be affected during our regular updates of the software.


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